Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Live reporting - Action items

1. Resolution 10-48: Appropriation – DelCarte Open Space Design & Permitting of Repairs to Dam
Background on donation of the land to the Town, research done, proposal to repair dams now before us. Cost reduced to $1.3 million. The amount of $140,000 is for the final design and permitting for the work to take the next step. The debt stabilization account has functionally completed its use, the money can be used for other capital purposes.

There are open space and recreation grants available but on a once a year cycle, need to have the engineering work in place.

Ray Willis (Conservation Commission) - Dams 3 and 5 are being registered with the State. Due to the height and amount of water being held back.  Dam 5 in the most dire condition. Not only holding back the pond behind 5 but all the water behind the others before it as well. Earthen dam with one concrete sluice-way.

If we do nothing, the worse case is the pond would revert back to a stream. It currently serves as a storm water storage system. It reduces phosphorus before it gets to the Charles River. By loosing the pond, we would loose treatment. The exact amount of phosphorus is unknown.

The pond network provides flow control. If you remove the pond it would increase the flow through to the lower areas. If an upper dam would fail, then the flows would increase downstream. 

They are all earthen dams. The flow control structures maybe partially concrete.  With Dams 3 and 5 the State will eventually look at them and tell us what to do.

Vallee - That was a brook, it was created once years ago to create a cranberry bog or fish pond.

Whalen - Part of the Capital Budget process is to prioritize the requests, is there a reason that this can't be included.

Nutting - This has been on the capital budget, it now has a better cost estimate to help make an analysis.

Whalen - We have so many competing needs to scare funds, I am not sure where this fits in the priority listing.

Nutting - We have to take 50% of the phosphorus out of the Charles River. This is the largest body of water that will allow us to do that. If we can get some state grants etc. 

Pfeffer - Can you do what Mr DelCarte did and dump rocks, etc on it?

Willis - You need to reinforce the entire structure, fixing just one section will increase the pressure upon the other.

Pfeffer - we have lots of open space money can we use that?

Nutting - we can't use the funds that are already in the account. We can use it from future contributions to the fund.

Jones - Does it means that as soon as we register the Dams 3 and 5, the State will state looking at them and force us to fix them.

Willis - We are waiting to hear back from the State on what they will do.

Jones - do they have any funding for this?

Willis - I don't know that information.

Powderly - is there a threat to the surrounding homes if a dam we to fail?

Willis - There would be some damage to property but no loss of life as far as we can tell.

Con Commission - It is a beautiful piece of property, it is being used, it can be used even better with some investment in the upkeep of this property. Down the road we can have an amazing recreation place. The residents are locally patrolling it, keeping it good. It would not be good to let it fail. 

Chamenski - It is a beautiful area, full of wildlife. As this thing dries out, it does smell. It has an impact on the abutters. We have a beautiful area. To Mr Vallee's point, there has been a change, man-made or not, there is change. There are heron, geese and other wildlife. We should restore what has been created not take it away.

Alfieri - Conservation Agent - All these dams have already failed, they are already leaking, the ability to hold back the level is already lost. These ponds have drained and filled back up. The odor that comes off from the area. Not just from the dead fish, but from the vegetation. We have signs all over the dams to warn against crossing them, they are dangerous.

Whalen - I would like tonight not to be an up and down. Is there a larger document that goes with the summary we have. 

Nutting - You can table it and we can come back with the Engineering Company to answer questions.

Motion to postpone until the next meeting (9/29/10), passed 7-0

2. Resolution 10-49:Rescission of Authorization to Borrow, Municipal Parking Garage - removed from agenda,  motion to approve removal, passed 7-0

3. Resolution 10-50: Rescission of Authorization to Borrow, Construction of Fire Station
Motion to approve, passed 7-0

4. Resolution 10-51: Rescission of Authorization to Borrow, Fire Ladder Truck
Motion to approve, passed 7-0

5. Resolution 10-52: Scheduling of Public Hearing to Consider Removal of Utility Poles, Overhead Wires, and Associated Overhead Structures in Downtown Area
Scheduled for Sep 29, 2010 7:10 PM

Motion to approve, passed 7-0

6. Resolution 10-53: Creation of Energy Committee
Motion to approve, passed 7-0

7. Resolution 10-54: Transfer of Tax Title Possession Parcels to Different Municipal Purposes
2/3 vote required, roll called, m
otion to approve, passed 7-0

---- 3 minute recess -----

Franklin, MA

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