Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Live reporting - Closing

Eaton House open house today, a great accomplishment on affordable housing that took a long time to get here

Water conservation restrictions were removed

EPA has $300,000 grant to help Milford, Bellingham and Franklin to help figure out the storm water issue that you'll be hearing more of

Sep 29th, a presentation on the downtown area is also available

Powderly - any data on the new trash program?
Nutting - I think we are waiting on the first quarter to complete

Pfeffer - discussion on sewer policy
Mason - October is a good month to discuss sewers

Jones - vacant and abandoned property bylaw, properties around town are in this condition and we don't have something on the books to address this.

Nutting - several communities have adopted something like Mr Jones is suggesting, to get the title holder to take care of the property. I think it is worthy of discussion of the Council. 

Jones - I also think would be good to avoid a safety issue.

Mason - let's put this on the first October meeting

Motion to put on an agenda a vacant and abandoned properties
Motion to approve, passed 7-0

Powderly - thanks to Steve Sherlock for helping to keep the community informed

Kelly -schools open, please drive safely

Jones - Sep 14th primary coming up, get out an vote

Whalen - I would like to comment on the $1.29 million that the School Dept just received.
The money was our share of a $10 billion Federal Jobs bill. It was good to receive. Hard to see how it generated such diverse reception. The timing and nature is problematic. It could have come earlier to avoid the layoffs. The short term and non recurring nature requires that the funds only be used for teacher salaries and benefits. This is a short term fix, cash windfall. Relative under investment compared to our peer towns.

Mason - Florida plays inaudible buzzing noise to keep the teenagers away from parking lots, on Channel 11 we play rock music to scare the seniors away. 

Thanks for all the grant writing you do, it helps a whole lot.

O. EXECUTIVE SESSION – Negotiations, Litigation, Real Property, as May Be Required

Motion to adjourn, Passed 7-0

Franklin, MA

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