Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Live reporting - AYP Update

2. Guests/Presentations
a. AYP Update
Maureen Sabolinski,  Michelle Kingsland-Smith

The MCAS Data was released today, posted to Schools website

2010 AYP Report to SC

The full report summary is shown here

There is good news in the report, no action items to really address.
The district remains at a high performance status.

There are areas that require work, Parmenter (ELL), Remington (year 1 of 2 in improving status)
Comprehensive plans (via the school improvement plans) to work on raising the performance.

The after school program will look to target the lower performing students for ELL and Math for after or before school. Individual student success plans to be developed and then work in small groups with teachers to get the extra help required.

Teachers to come from within the schools, positioned posted for teachers to apply to.

The MCAS bar is raising, 57% of the schools are in need of improvement against the standard. The bar will continue to raise until 2014. This is an increase from 53% in 2009.

We are teaching to the test. It is not a 'dirty term'. Those tests reflect the standards. We recognize the open response questions are what the students should be doing. We are also recognizing excellence in instruction.

Franklin, MA

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