Sunday, September 12, 2010

Q&A - Glenn Jones on Haiti

I (FM) followed up with Glenn Jones (GJ) to find out more about his trip to Haiti. We exchanged email to complete the question and answers to share here:

FM - What memory from your first trip to Haiti lingered/lingers the most?
GJ - It was the third day of the Mission trip. I was working with my crew installing conduits for a new electrical generator, when ‘Sue’, one of the medical crew comes up to me asking to use my cell phone. She appeared rather distraught and I asked what was bothering her. She cried while explaining to me that a baby that came into the medical clinic just died. She talked about how she had assured the mother that all should be well, the baby had an elevated temperature and short of breath. The Baby had a chest infection. Not long after the mother left to wait outside the baby went into cardiac arrest. Sue mentioned how this should never have happened. If this were America so much more could have been done to save the baby, but it was not. The Medical clinics have extremely limited resources and the Hospitals are so far away and understaffed them selves. We said a prayer for the baby that night at dinner.

FM - Why go back to Haiti?
GJ - I am heading back to Haiti on October 16th to continue the work I started during my March trip. No matter how much I may be able to contribute to the rebuilding of Haiti, it is just a mere scratch on the surface. An estimated 230,000 people were killed during the January 2010 earthquake. Most of those deaths were caused by falling buildings and houses. Donating my experience and skills as an electrician to the devastated people of Haiti is the least I can do.

FM - Why go now?
GJ - Things have not really improved much since the January Earthquake. The Haitian people are just as much in need of our help today as they were the days following the quake. The Media has grown bored covering Haiti’s destruction and despair and has moved on to other international problems, like Iran building a nuclear power plant. However, we can not allow ourselves to forget those who are very much in dire need of International attention. So, why now? Because there is no better time than the present to help.

FM - How can someone help you in this effort?
GJ - A small donation goes a long way in helping me help Haiti. All donations have an immediate and direct impact. Unlike larger National Relief Organizations that have to jump through hoops to get things done, my Mission Trip this October will bring help as soon as I step off the plane. I simply need to raise the funds necessary to pay for a round trip flight and accommodations while in Haiti. Also, additional funding will go to support Mission E4’s continued efforts in Haiti. Please visit Mission E4 at . Donations can be made directly to me. Glenn Jones – 172 School St. – Franklin, MA, 02038 – 508-439-7011

FM - Is there anything you'd like to add to this?
GJ - I would like to thank everyone that helped me in March and those that are helping now. I know for certain that the Haitian people are much appreciative of Mission E4’s continued support. It is never to late to help. Take a look around someday and see who may need you. Help is needed everywhere you look. There is no need to go as far as Haiti to help people. Find a local organization and start participating today in your Community; Senior Center, Franklin Food Pantry, and many others. Doing God’s work is what it is all about.

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