Monday, September 13, 2010

Real time reporting - Planning Board - 9/13/10

The YMCA discussion is tied around parking and public safety. The facility has exceeded the calculation for parking by over 300 cars with their expansions and exceptions. They are looking to expand further to retain membership (which would also increase parking requirements).

Could the Fire Dept visit on a weekend and report back on the situation? Would they be able to get equipment up the hill through the parked cars?

The Planning Board is in a tough spot; they appreciate the work and services that the Y provides but the parking and safety considerations are a considerable issue.

Need to verify what the occupancy of the building is? One had 480 and another had 720. The number drives the parking requirements so the difference is significant and needs to be resolved. Complicated by the fact the entrance from National Drive is across private property where the Y has an easement and access for safety (the second entrance).

Meeting minutes accepted for June 7, June 21, July 12 (as amended), and July 26.

Application for 216 East Central withdrawn without prejudice, motion to accept, passed.


Franklin, MA

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