Tuesday, October 12, 2010

live reporting - Senior Project

2. Guests/Presentations:
a. Franklin High School – Senior Project Presentation – Sascha Werner D’Angelo, Peter Light

a workplace/career environment during the last quarter of the high school senior year

  • long term skill building
  • research paper writing skills
  • experiential learning
  • Long lasting impact on learning

Student centered, parent involved, Senior Project Proposal Panel
Project Mentor
Site advisor

The 5 P's for the Senor Project:

  1. Proposal
  2. Paper
  3. Project
  4. Portfolio
  5. Presentation

3rd quarter course to help prepare
research methodologies, business ethics, communication skills, etc.

Courses are completed during 3rd quarter, 4th quarter is solely the project full time

a huge variety of site used for the Senior Project

71% strongly agree had a positive effect, 29% agree

60% strongly agreed that the project helped to determine the career choice

57% strongly agreed that the project helped their transition to college

54% strongly agreed that they learned communications skills

100% recommended that incoming seniors should consider taking the course

63 seniors in the program this year, up from 21 three years ago

Looking to expand the project into other areas in the future. Adding a leadership/community portion, an academic portion, an arts project - to create a capstone type program

Cafasso - I hope you will pursue the other types of projects.

 Sabolinski - there is a great deal of work on the capstone aspect of the senior year

Roy - how have the colleges received this program?
All the colleges (about 15 thus far this year) were impressed with the program at this level, it has helped the students college application status

All sites have provided positive feedback and looking for more students to continue in the future

Sabolinski - imitation is good flattery, other districts are inquiring on how we are doing this program.

Franklin, MA

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