Sunday, October 10, 2010

"We need the community behind us"

Brad Sidwell, athletic director at Franklin High School, said his staff takes a similar approach.
"We are certainly are proactive in telling our kids what the expectations are coming into games," Sidwell said. "(Drinking) is just not tolerated by any means."
Sidwell said Franklin's field layout somewhat hampers the district's ability to crack down on bringing things in and out of the stadium.
"You're better off having more people helping out and being vigilant," Sidwell said. "We are certainly on the lookout for kids who are suspicious. You want an enthusiastic environment where people enjoy coming to the games to cheer, but even one of those situations (with drunk students) puts a black eye on the whole community, so you want to be on top of it."
Read the full article on drinking measures for high school football games here

Franklin, MA

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