Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Live reporting - Capital plan - facilities

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b. Capital Plan

Jeff Nutting talks to the Facilities update (in place of Mike D'Angelo)

The document associated with this section of the budget can be found - Facilities
Let me take a few minutes to cover the capital process. When I first came here, we had different systems, different process. You weren't included in the Town's capital plan

The Council has been supportive of my work on the capital plan. They have also supported $6 million dollars of bonding to fix school roofs, etc.

We use the 'free cash' for our capital budget. We can't use the free cash for anything operational as it varies and is one time funds.

$2, 133,000 is free cash this year.
We are recommending setting aside $800,000 for unemployment costs

The Council sub-committee will review the recommendations and bring it to the full council.
We always have financial constraints, that is not going to change.
With x or y employees, we still need tools for them to work with. We need to replace the school vans, police cruisers, etc. When you think of how much we have invested in our tools it is millions of dollars. If we skip some time, image how hard it will be to try and catch up. I am sure you know all that but sometimes some one wonders why.

Kennedy unit ventilators are 40 years old
Mike D'Angelo has a request for their replacement, if it is funded, I would request to do so with a bond so the first payment wouldn't be due for a couple of years.
If this gets funded, it gets almost all your buildings (with the exception of Davis Thayer) you'll be current.
With interest rates and construction costs at an all time low, this is a good time to do so.

Rohrbach - can you explain the track replacement?
Nutting - the track is about 7 years old, we are only talking about replacing the top layer quarter to half inch of the track

Roharbach - and for the removal of the portables?
Nutting - we will fund those on an as needed basis. You'll be deciding which ones, this is for the funding. I'll wait for the game plan that you decide. I don't think you'll take them all out at once. This will come out of the cash capital.

We put items on the listing to keep them on the radar. This is a long term capital plan. It doesn't mean that it will happen tomorrow or next year, it will get addressed over time.

Glynn - have we done an energy audit on the facilities?
Nutting - we do that all the time, Mike has worked with the utilities to do so. We have replaced lights, it is an on-going effort. We have been ahead of the curve. Our energy savings has been ongoing.

Roy - I can't remmeber what we talked about with Davis Thayer?
Nutting - we are waiting on the School Committee for how you are going to utilize your facilities. If and when you make a decision to redistrict or whatever you decide.

Nutting - we have 3.5% of debt service in each budget, we can go and fund up to that level. We have peaked in the utilization and over the next couple of years, we get capacity available. We don't have to ask for a debt exclusion as it is already budgeted for. The model has been successful over the last decade.

Nutting - Even though the School Committee deemed the portables at Davis Thayer surplus, the principal asked to have them maintained for another year.

Roy - Are you putting all these forward to the Council?
Nutting - every one asks for what you need, we see what we can get.

Roy - these are the priorities of the School Committee
Nutting - Am I going to cut out the police cruisers to give the schools what it wants? No, I have pared them down. We have $800,000 and your requests are more than half of that. That is not any different than any other year.

Roy - both the girls and boys soccer team won this evening.

Franklin, MA

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