Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jon Stewart: The Food, the bad and the ugly

Jon Stewart does his thing with the recent food safety legislation passed by the Senate. Humor is a good way to tackle tough issues.

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The Food, the Bad and the Ugly
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Food safety is no laughing matter.
Food security (having enough healthy food for your family) is no laughing matter either.

Please take a moment today to support your local food pantry or food bank. They are different operations but have one goal to provide necessary food for those in need. The Franklin Food Pantry has a Google Checkout button to enable an easy monetary donation. Scroll all the way down to the base of the home page to find it.

Note: I am on the Board of Directors for the Food Pantry and will be revising the website to make it easier to use for those we serve as well as those who would like to help (like you).

Franklin, MA

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