Saturday, December 4, 2010

A warm welcome for the Franklin Town News!

The arrival this week of the new Franklin Town News is a good development for Franklin. You should already be aware that while at one time many years ago Franklin did have its own newspaper (The Sentinel), we get coverage by the Milford Daily News and the occasionally from the Boston Globe West edition.

The current reporter for the Milford Daily News, Brian Benson, I think is doing very well. He is covering a lot of Franklin and covering it well. He is also publishing information in advance of a meeting which prior reporters had not done.

Franklin also is covered by the Wicked Local or Franklin Gazette. Covered is an appropriate term as this is the paper tossed in the driveway weekly. As I walk around town, I find a lot of them simply left there. The news contained inside is all re-purposed from what has been published in the Milford Daily News.

Hence, the need for Franklin MAtters. I publish here all the information from the town meetings (Town Council, School Committee, etc.) that I can participate in. This information is meant to be accurate and timely. You help me if you find I make a mistake so the accuracy is good. I provide links to documents and the documents themselves to make the information that may be on the Franklin website, easier to get at and use.

Now, the Franklin Town News comes along and will provide a new communication channel to the residents of Franklin. Supported by ad revenue and mailed directly to residents, this ensures a better chance of getting to everyone than the news or websites can do today. I welcome the Franklin Town News.

  • Any Franklin business can benefit from advertising in this publication. The target market is what you are always looking for. If you are doing business in Franklin, the target market is provided for you.
  • Any Franklin organization can benefit from publishing an information article. The monthly timing is the only hindrance but with proper planning, the mailing at the beginning of the month can announce your event during the coming month or set the stage for a future month. There is also a website where you can read the paper online, as well as a calendar which can be updated more frequently than monthly. As the awareness grows, these should be more useful in getting the word out.

An informed community will make good decisions on election day.

I have no formal business relationship with Franklin Town News. I have and anticipate continuing to submit an article or two for each issue on behalf of Franklin MAtters or the Franklin Food Pantry.

If your business or non-profit would like advice on how to leverage Franklin Town News (or other communication channels) to spread your information, please reach out and contact me. I am open to sharing what I know and have learned.  

Franklin, MA

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