Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Live reporting - Legislation for Action

1. Resolution 10-64: Appropriation – Sewer Enterprise Retained Earnings
transfer between sewer enterprise account and operations to continue the ongoing program to address I&I
moving money from one pocket to another, no additional fees raised at this time

Capital subcommittee approved, Finance committee approved (11/30/10 by 9-0 vote) as well

$1.2 million in the sewer enterprise account, all money is used for maintenance of the sewer system
the money is collected from the fees, if it wasn't for the surplus we would have had a problem with raising fees

there will be a sewer rate increase in the future as the CRWA upgrades their plant, $20 million to upgrade primarily to bring up to date as well as reduce the phosphorous output to the Charles River

one third of the cost for the EPA mandate, 2 thirds of the cost for the upgrade as components wear out,

motion to approve, passed 8-0

2. Resolution 10-65: Appropriation – Water Enterprise Retained Earnings
A decade ago there was a water distribution plan developed, this will finish up several projects underway
a transfer of money from the enterprise account to operations for repairs

motion to approve, passed 8-0

3. Resolution 10-66: Authorization to Borrow-Water Infrastructure Improvements
requesting to borrow $7.5 million to fund additional water projects

continuing the program started a decade ago
allow several streets to be done as well as a third of Lincoln St
the program will take 3-4 years to do this, all the funding behind these comes from water fees.
streets targeted for repairs have cast iron pipe as old as a hundred years old

McGann - Does this include Mr Jarvis' street to resolve his problem?
Cantorregi - yes, it does and streets surrounding his area downtown

Vallee - How much of the asbestos pipe doe we have left?
Cantorregi - some of the pipe is in good shape, we have about 40 miles of AC pipe left

Vallee - are there any health hazards with the asbesto pipe?
Cantorregi - there is no health risk associated with the water in the pipe, there are issues with our handling of the pipe where we have to take precautions.

Pfeffer - this is a $7.5 Million borrowing that is covered by the normal water bill, there is no associated increase in fees for this.

Powderly - what of the road work associated with this? will it come from Chap 90?
Nutting - We will have a $400,000 proposal later for road work. We'd like to get about that each year to at least do something.

Cantoreggi - ductal (?) iron, with a life cycle of 80-90 years with no interior corrison issues

Nutting - we might not borrow all of this at once, we might do only a bit at time. Water use has declined by about 600,000 gallons per day.

Jones - Whalen took my question about no annual fee associated with this.
Nutting - if some of the buildings in the industrial park fill in, then water usage will go up which is good so if we may be able to offset some of the fee increase with an increase in sales. It is flexible right now.

Mason - up to this point we have waited to borrow money to complete this project. I'd also like to recognize Mr Jarvis who has been affected by this and will finally be getting some resolution.

motion to approve, via role call - passed 8-0

4. Resolution 10-67: Appropriation – Recreation Gift Account
A transfer from an old account
can you amend the motion to include any interest in the account
there was an effort to build a skateboard park, but then one got built at the Y and the issue went away

No projects in mind, just cleaning up the books.
Motion amended to including accrued interest
amendment passed, 8-0
motion passed 8-0

5. Resolution 10-68: Appropriation – Road, Sidewalk, Drainage Improvements
Capital committee recommended this amount, the FINCOM approved this amount

Whalen - Can you refresh the use?
Nutting - original intent of hotel/motel tax once in the account is restricted to open space and recreation
can be used for any legal purpose prior to entering the trust, we have used funds like this for one time capital purposes

motion to approve, passed 8-0

6. Bylaw Amendment 10-651: Chapter 170, Vehicles and Traffic- 2nd Reading
this is the second reading for the change in the parking regulations, this eases the burden for those folks parking downtown

Jones - is this going to cause any additional work on the Police, DPW
Nutting - in the beginning of the season, the police write warning tickets, and then when needed write actual tickets. There might be a start up issue, we will publish this and make folks well aware of it.

Cantoreggi - if this new one goes in and is followed, this will not be a hinderance, if it isn't followed, then there is an issue, usually isolated

Nutting - it actually doesn't change anything, you can still park except between 1-5, you get a ticket either way

motion to approve, via role call passed 8-0

Franklin, MA

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