Saturday, January 15, 2011

Be careful coming out of side streets, shovel fire hydrants

There has been so much snow, there is only so much room to put it. As a result, the snow gets piled up on the corners and really presents a challenge for those vehicles trying to come out into the main street. There is either no line of sight or its very limited.

And for perspective on how big the piles are, here is a view of the next corner.

I am sure you have the same or worse in the traveling I have done around Franklin. Please be careful!

And from the Franklin website, this is a good plea for action:

Please shovel your nearest fire hydrant. With recent snow, fire hydrants may be unavailable for firefighters. Please take a few minutes to shovel the fire hydrant closest to your home to save vital seconds in the event of fire.

 Franklin, MA


  1. Thanks for the reminder about hydrants!

  2. It is a timely one, in the walk around downtown this morning, I should have brought a shovel with me. There are some quite buried.