Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Construction is expected to last about four months"

"We are looking for your input so we can finish up and get this out to bid," Taberner told about 15 people who attended the meeting.
The work, to be paid for through a $1 million state public works grant, is expected to include the parking lot, Emmons Street between Main Street and Hillside Road, Dean Avenue between Main and Ray streets, Ray Street and Depot Street, Taberner said.
Taberner still has to talk with a few nearby property owners, and public works crews must finish surveying the existing drainage system with cameras before bids are sought, he said.
Curbing and sidewalks will be more clearly defined, delineating between pedestrian and vehicle space, said William Paille, a project manager with Weston & Sampson, a consulting firm that is working on the downtown revitalization efforts.
You can read the full article in the Milford Daily News here

This project covers the following area:

The detail on the upper parking lot. This is not the MBTA parking lot, although some spaces can be used monthly by commuters.

This photo depicts the benches, etc to be used in the area

Additional information can be found on the Planning and Community Development web page.
Franklin, MA

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