Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Live reporting - Kindergarten

d. Budget Update - Kindergarten

428 students in K, moving to half day would be counted as 214 FTE
enrollment decreases by half, determines the foundation budget
$3.4 million for full day, $1.7 million for half-day or tuition based

Foundation budget - Req'd Local Contribution = Chap 70 Aid
Impact of moving to half-day would not be seen until FY 2013

Shifts the burden of a currently state funded program to the local taxpayers

Cafasso - this is an issue that has been kicked around, the analysis shows over the long run, it is loser. With a working community like Franklin, there would be reputational damage.

Rohrbach - we have batted this idea around a lot. We had two first graders who showed us what kindergarten can do for us.

Roy - the evidence is overwhelming, we just can't do this in a prudent way. Thank you for doing this early in the process. I'd rather know this up front.

Sabolinski - this would create another structural deficit down the road.

Glynn - why does another district do this?
Goodman - they may be starting from nothing and going to half day, where we would be loosing the foundation budget as I noted earlier. Other districts may not be in the same situation

Financial Impact of Half Day or Tuition Based K

Franklin, MA

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