Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Live reporting - Life Long Learning

b. Lifelong Learning Update – Pandora Carlucci

This year has been a challenge and an opportunity due to the economy.
They have forged numerous partnerships over the past several months.
Working with Dean College, YMCA "Mass in Motion"

Piloting a toddler program at Davis Thayer

Piloting a program at ECDC for 24-36 month old children

Cheese cave at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge

Franklin Liquor with wine tasting and wine trials for evening students

Partnering with American Red Cross for a 'pet first aid class'

Solutions - before and after school extended care program at all six elementary schools

No catalog for the Summer 2011 program, too expensive to print

Star Plus - 4 weeks of choices for middle school students

High School Experience - Aug 15 - 19 (later this summer than usual)
had 50% of the incoming class, shooting for 2/3 of the incoming class this year

Math  is Fun - Math Academy

"Let your life speak" - for incoming senior High School students
3 day workshop practice interviewing and essay writing

Summer Art - 2 week program in arts

Summer music program - 2 weeks at beginning of summer (band, string, chorus)

Class of 1961 for June at Graduation, located 44 members, looking for another 44 members

Rohrbach - thank you, every year there is something new and different.
We talk about thinking outside the box, you are creative and sustaining

Carlucci - There are over 200 faculty in all the variety of programs

Franklin, MA

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