Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Live reporting - Franklin Arts Academy

2. Guests/Presentations
c. Franklin Arts Academy (FAA) – Mike Caple

Several students spoke for their experience in the Arts Academy
one thought it was a joke at first, students still have responsibility to meet challenges
students have more input into the challenges

I like art and thought it would be easier, but it is not
we have projects and more art based work, used to be really shy

school work used to be boring, now it is really engaging

we were worried at first because it was our last year of school, if it didn't work out, we'd be in trouble
we get to do what we love and we are excited to come to school and learn
we are excited for the week instead of the weekend

(video produced by Students of FAA shown)

mother: What I found was a program that my daughter absolutely loves, she is on the honor role for the first time ever.
She is up and doing it on her own, no fighting anymore, joined the vision exercise, I didn't think she would have done it without the FAA

Mrs Walsh - to hear him say he loved his academic teachers, was something great to hear, I knew he loved his arts teachers, they feel it is not a generic course they are needed to provide input into the course, couldn't be a better bunch of teachers, they are great. They feel more comfortable in the classroom knowing that others in the room will have a similar point of view.  The FAA is really an example of following the mission!

Mr Caple - reviews a presentation
38 students in the program, small learning community

Art Director, Mike Caple making his presentation to the School Committee about the Franklin Arts Academy

Rohrbach - How many applications?
Caple - last year we had about 50 and selected 38, we can do about 25 per class or 50 total

Rohrbach - can you tell a little more about the project based learning
Caple - 20 integrated projects with the standard academic subjects. They'll demonstrate what the learn with an art project. O a math project, they will demonstrate the motion of something with a video presentation. The initial outline was provided yesterday, the project is due on Friday. So time management is required as well as the details of the math and then the project production itself

It is a team project. This would not be possible without a strong K-8 arts program! This is not something that magically appears in the 9th grade.

Mullen - Having watched this grow, FHS is a great comprehensive high school, we talk about the sports but this is a great program, exceeding my expectations!

Jane Hogan - visual arts
Mike Peacock - musical production
Ms Walsh - committee member of the academy
Mrs Waters - (at the love fest at FHS)
other names to be added later -

Mrs Sabolinski - this program is incredible, this was built within the existing budget, no incremental costs, yet outside this would cost big bucks in a private school - this demonstrates the ingenuity of our staff.

Franklin, MA

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