Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Live reporting - School Budget

d. FY2012 Budget Hearing

The budget document

Franklin Public Schools FY2012 Budget Hearing

Miriam Goodman -
Clarification on the offset of one time funds ($2M) no longer available, but the positions are still required, so that $1.1M is noted in the presentation.

14.3 positions previously funded are not covered in this 'almost level' funded budget

12% health care increase forecasted for now, looking at plan design changes so there may be some movement in this number but it remains a big driver of increased costs

per pupil FY 2010 - about $3,000 less than State average

Sabolinski - This number reflects our best estimates at this time. Health care not definite yet. Grants have been declining each year so we will be watching those.

Rohrbach - What will the 14.3 mean to changes in programs?
Sabolinski - The loss of the Math CETs will be major for the assistance that they have provided

Mrs Minkle - the range of 18-27, across the elementary schools
Mr Peri - 27-28
Mr Light - around 25-26 but up to 28-29 in upper grades, an increase of 1-2 per section

Rohrbach - we spend 55% less than the State average for Administration, we don't have fat at the top
Sabolinksi-  the least percentage difference is classroom teachers, and that is by design as we have protected the teacher positions as much as possible

Cafasso - The budget book is online, the achievement section is fantastic summary of a high performing district.

Sabolinski - the budget book is a collaborative effort of the entire district, the facts and stories that make each school unique

Glynn - AYP?
Sabolinski - the mandates continue to grow, with less teachers, more students per teacher, students will have less time with their teachers

Roy - I will read the line items don't be too alarmed if members of the committee do not place many holds on these items, we have already spent time with these numbers including the 4 hour budget workshop on Saturday, Jan 29th

Holds requested

Educational assistance - $100,000 increase is an actual spending adjusted in this year's budget for next year

Transportation services - $193,000 increase, an additional $200,000 were applied this year with one time funds not available this year, so it is not an increase in expense but a loss of funding

Athletic - $321,000, a $100,000 increase, similar to above - not an increase in expense, but a loss in revenue

Franklin, MA

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