Thursday, March 24, 2011

Citizens Against Waste: Substitute pay questions

How much total pay is made to substitute teachers?
$485,509 in FY10

Our teachers are invested in being in school to work with students. They are committed to providing an exceptional educational program and they understand that includes attendance. As per the contractual bargaining agreement, a teacher may be absent from work due to illness, family illness, or for a personal day. Also a teacher may be requested to participate in a professional development program as a requirement by the district administration which necessitates absence from the classroom. When teachers are not in the classroom, substitutes are required to provide instruction to students.
This budget provide compensation for substitutes who cover day to day absences and for teachers who are on long term leaves of absence ( e.g. medical leave, maternity leave)

I was surprised to see the number of substitute people and some of the amounts are pretty high. Are teachers paid straight salary?
Substitute teachers are not paid a salary and they do not accrue benefits.

Daily rates for sub teachers are: $60/day, college students; $80/day, non-certified; $100/day, certified; $125/day for long-term sub.

How is leave handled?
When a staff member is unable to work due to a medical condition, a paid leave of absence may be requested. The request is made to the superintendent and is accompanied by the appropriate medical documentation. If all documentation is in order a leave is granted in accordance with requirements outlined in the contractual bargaining agreement.

Is excessive teachers absence accounted for?
Absences for all school personnel are recorded and accounted for by Human Resources and the Payroll Office. Attendance data is recorded and updated on the pay stub for all employees.

My thanks to Maureen Sabolinski, Superintendent of Schools, for providing the answers to these questions.

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