Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Live reporting - NuStyle Brownfields Public Hearing

Public Hearing to solicit comments on a draft Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives for the Town

Bryan Taberner introduced David Foss project manager on the remediation effort

demolition of the building is step one to handle the remediation
the analysis has been completed on all the outside ground area, they can't analyze the ground the building is on but need to remove it first

renovation is not practical, do nothing is not allowed as it doesn't handle the risk

remove soil that can be removed, if the amount becomes too much, then the alternative would be to cap and mark it via deed as to its use

putting together bid documents for contractors to bid to do the demolition

Mr Compton - we don't need a consultant to tell us we need to demolish this facility

What further work will be required depends upon what is found after the demolition and what the future use will be. If a park or parking lot, very little required. If a basement is required, then soil removal and treatment for that digging would be required.

The hope is to take the building down this construction season.

Comment period open from Apr 1 to May 2 noon time.

Mr Compton - the building is more likely to cost closer to $500,000 than 200,000.

Only one of the two buildings is covered under the grant (the back building)

This is a demolition grant prior was an assessment grant

240,000 less $24,000 for the project management firm to assist in the demo
If the bid comes in for $400,000, we'll be back for the additional funds.

Unless we have specific costs for the demolition, we don't know

We have been trying to take care of the environment and minimize the Franklin tax dollars in the process

Lot 27 has the EPA items of concern, Lot 22 does not have any EPA issues

motion to close the hearing, approve 7-0

Franklin, MA

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