Thursday, April 7, 2011

"officials would probably seek additional money"

"It's a step in the process," Foss said. "I agree that ideally the work would be done more quickly. But, (we're planning to hire) a licensed contractor to do the work and that takes time and money." 
Contaminants, including lead and chlorinated volatile organic compounds, have been detected in some soil and groundwater at the site. The property was taken by the town through the tax title process in 2002 and 2005. 
The volatile organic compounds could pose a risk to indoor air quality if the 1-acre parcel is redeveloped. The parcel also includes part of Mine Brook and a parking lot built by a neighboring property owner with permission of the town. 
The town could have spent money itself and possibly cleaned up the property sooner, but Franklin is trying to save taxpayers' money by seeking outside funding, Town Adminstrator Jeffrey Nutting said. 
"We inherited this property," Nutting said. "People are making it sound like the town is doing something wrong."

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