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FM #91 - Week ending Apr 3, 2011

Let's take less than 10 minutes to cover what matters in Franklin, MA as the week ends Apr 3rd, 2011.

Time: 7 minutes, 14 seconds

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This internet radio show or podcast is number 91 in the series for Franklin Matters.

We'll look back at the week that was as it comes to a close Sunday Apr 3 before getting to the outlook on the week ahead.

With my work on the Board of Directors for the Franklin Food Pantry, I missed the School Committee meeting on Tuesday and caught the highlights via the video feed.

The policy discussions can be found here

and here

There was a minor change to the 2011-2012 calendar. As New Year's Day falls on a Sunday, school will skip Monday and start on Tuesday. This allows for the holiday to be observed on Monday as most other neighboring community school systems will also do. The revised calendar has been posted and prior versions removed to avoid confusion.

The action items can be found here.

Of most interest was the action to accept the proposal on reducing the math graduation requirements to three years. Peter Light gives a good and brief summary of the position and why. Peter's comments occur about 1:01 of the action item segment.

On Wednesday, the School Building Committee meet to hear the first presentation on four options for the renovation of Franklin High. Two of the options are for renovation and two of the options are for building a new school. As the prices are comparable amongst them, the pros and cons will really need to be looked at as the project goes forward.

The next step is for the committee to finalize their options, and decide on a recommendation. This package (three options with one of them a recommendation) will then go before the MSBA where they will make a decision. That decision will then come back to the Franklin voters to approve or reject. If we approve, then the project proceeds with the State contributing something just above 50%. If we reject, the full cost of any resulting project will be borne solely by the Franklin taxpayers. The rejection will have lost our state reimbursement.

The committee is looking to decide by May and get before the MSBA in July which still puts us on the time line for a fall vote. Stay tuned to this one as it develops.

The meeting notes, handouts and photos can be found here

As for town meetings this week

The Finance Committee was scheduled to meet on Tuesday. As the budget book won't be ready until the end of the month, this meeting has been canceled. The budget hearings have been scheduled for May 2, 3, 5, 9 and 10. The calendar on Franklin Matters has been updated accordingly.

The Town Council is scheduled to meet on Weds. The Community Gardens group will be formed as an official town committee. There will be a public hearing on the Brownfields options for the NUStyle property on Grove St. Additional agenda items can be found on the full agenda here


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I hope you enjoy!

Franklin, MA

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