Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"approved changes to fees"

"The fears are that students are out in cars and really engaging in risky behaviors," Sabolinski said, noting alcohol can cause increased drug use and violence. 
Kristin Cerce, the district's director of health and physical education, said administrators hope to offer more programs on Friday nights next year in an effort to curb drinking. They also hold a mock crash before prom and are planning to bring a distracted driving simulator to the high school next fall. 
School Committee member Roberta Trahan, who works as a critical care nurse, said she is especially concerned about tobacco and alcohol statistics because teenagers who use those substances can become addicted later in life. 
"I'm at a loss to try to comprehend (the data)," Trahan said after the meeting. "Students just don't seem to understand the implications of these behaviors."

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