Thursday, May 19, 2011

"they didn't know how much time is spent ensuring drinking water is safe"

Perrotta provided a general overview of the town's water system, explaining where the water comes from, why usage restrictions are needed during the summer and how harmful bacteria is eliminated from the water supply. 
"A lot of people complain about paying high water and sewer rates and they don't know that there is a huge infrastructure to maintain," said David Labonte, the secretary for the Odd Fellows, a fraternal organization that supports charities and holds informational meetings such as last night's once or twice a year. 
The department is primarily funded by water and sewer fees and oversees 13 wells, six water storage tanks, about 9,600 service connections, more than 2,000 fire hydrants and 157 miles of water main, Perrotta said. 
"You have eight or nine balls in the air and if you drop one of them the water comes out pink," he said. 
Franklin's water comes from groundwater as opposed to surface sources such as reservoirs. The town pumped 928.5 million gallons in 2010, he said.

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