Monday, August 29, 2011

Powerless and lucky

We're powerless but lucky to have escaped with little tree damage from what was left of Hurricane Irene. The power went out about 1:00. We were prepared with batteries, candles and the Coleman camping lantern provides a great deal of light.

When the rain stopped we picked up most of the small branches and twigs dropped by the wind from the trees. It didn't take long to cut up the one large branch that fell into the street. We'll have some good fire wood for the winter!

The cell phone batteries were the first to die away. Depending upon when the power returns (today?), we may need to run the car to re-charge them a bit. I have sparingly used my netbook and broadband card so I have several hours of connection remaining.

We did take a walk around the neighborhood last night. It was a rare event to see no lights anywhere. If there was a light (from a passing car, or a candle in a house) the little light was very noticeable in the darkness.

I hope you all survived with a story or two to pass along.

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