Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Live reporting - Action Items


1. Resolution 11-52: Appropriation – Capital – FY 12- Police Cruisers
motion to approval for use of money from "free cash"; passed 9-0

Nutting - opportunity to purchase some used vehicles at a good price to keep the fleet similar
Chief Williams - life expectancy is about 405 years and then another dept gets to use them
every police dept uses these Crown Victoria for the reason that they stand up to the requirements
The Crown Vic is being replaced, we'd like to see how they are being used and stand up by others before we get into those.
I was going to be looking for 6 cars but I really need two and we can get them now for a real good price.

Kelly - commend you on a good cost savings move for the department
McGann - overseas, I see those small Volkswagon?
Williams - can you see me in one? or trying to stuff you in one?

Williams - thank you for your support, my last time before the election. I can't ask for better support. I don't envy the seat that you are in. Not too many thank you so I want to say that, thank you!

2. Resolution 11-53: Appropriation – Partridge Street Culvert Emergency Repairs
motion to approve; passed 9-0

several months ago the culvert collapsed, the bids are in, we would like to get the work started soon, it may take a month or so

ripe up the road, take up the old culvert, replace it and then repave. It should go the same size as it was.
They'll start in 2 weeks and the repairs will last about a month. Detours will be in place.

3. Bylaw Amendment 11-665:Amendment to Chapter 82, Appendix A – List of Service Fee Rates
1st Reading

motion to move to second reading, passed 9-0

resetting fee at cost of inspections

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