Saturday, February 4, 2012

Date Set for FHS Debt Exclusion Vote!

Dear Franklin Friend,
It's official. Tuesday, March 27 is our "now or never" opportunity to say YES in a town-wide vote in support of building a brand new, fully furnished and equipped 21st century high school in Franklin  --with a state reimbursement rate of nearly 60 percent.
The Franklin Town Council approved the voting date during their meeting Wednesday night, and councilors unanimously and unequivocally endorsed a YES vote. During the past week, the Franklin Long Range Finance Committee, the Franklin Finance Committee and the Recreation Advisory Board also publicly endorsed the project and urged residents to vote YES for FHS on March 27.
More than 200 of your friends and neighbors have stepped forward as YES vote supporters so far. They recognize that Franklin has a Real Need for a new facility that will:
·        Meet all future needs, including 20 percent more educational space; 21st century classrooms and science labs with integrated technology; an 830-seat auditorium/theater; a 17,700-square-foot gym and 6,000-square-feet-indoor walking track; full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act for access and special education.
·        Remove Franklin High from accreditation warning status.
·        Provide modern resources that will give our kids the best chance for success in an increasingly competitive academic environment and economic marketplace.

The Right Time to seize this opportunity is now, when we can take full advantage of historic low construction and borrowing costs. If the debt exclusion vote does not pass:
·        Franklin will lose the chance to build a new high school with a state reimbursement rate of nearly 60 percent.
·        Franklin taxpayers will pay 100% for repairs to keep the building safe and operational.
·        Accreditation officials will consider moving Franklin High onto probation status.
·        Our property values and tax base will be threatened.
Please mark your calendars and let your friends and neighbors know that The Right Time is March 27 to go to the polls to vote.
Visit to learn more about why there is a Real Need for this project and why the new FHS deserves your YES vote on March 27. Please share this email with your friends and neighbor here in Franklin.  It is important that all of us have the information we need to make a good decision.
To those who are already volunteering and have contributed financially, thank you. To those who have not, we need your active support and donations, and we welcome questions. You can email us at, or visit: for more information.

Thank you!

Citizens for a New Franklin High School
Vote Yes for FHS on March 27! A Real Need. The Right Time.

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