Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Live reporting - School Building Committee Q & A

Q - how has the floor plan changed from the model?
A - It has changed significantly due to the local requirements, the rooms are clustered in four areas on each floor

Q - ADA compliance
A - all fully handicap accessible, everything in the building is fully compliant

Dellorco - When I first got on the council I wasn't sure about what to do but now that I have seen the insides I think it is a good deal. If I were to build a house and have someone pay 60% of it, I can't see how I couldn't take that offer.

Bissanti - Some have questioned whether Franklin can afford this, I think this is a project that Franklin can not afford not to do

Kelly - People worrying about exploding cost overruns, they could not be more misinformed. Cost overruns will not be a concern. The second thing I have heard is now is not the time. If we do not do it now, Franklin will loose this reimbursement. This are not facts to scare, this is a reality. Look at the example of Uxbridge. They lost 30% of home value and surrounding towns lost about 20%. Do you want this to happen to your home in Franklin too?

Pfeffer - sometimes the decision you have to make is the hardest or the most costly, when the state is going to give us 60%, this is the right decision

Jones - Will existing technology be reused from the high school?
Mercer - yes
Nutting - planning starting to see what can be reused from the building and fields

Apr - Jun = pre-qualifying the contractors
Aug - bids open
Oct - construction should start
Fall of 2014 should open
demolition and field construction should start after opening

Roy - article in Atlantic Monthly this month helps to put the issue in focus, historical charts for manufacturing in the US. About 6 million manufacturing jobs disappeared. Factory floors look completely different from years ago. This has a lot to do with what we need today. Better buildings make better students. Horace Mann would be proud of what we have done. We are also home to the first public library.

Powderly - three resolutions are before us, one ballot question doesn't include the dollar amount, but another resolution does provide the cap.

Sch Comm Chair - Paula Mullen
asks for endorsement of this project

Finance Committee Chair - Jim Roche
unanimous recommendation from the committee

  1. contractors are hungry, prices will below
  2. borrowing costs will be low
  3. paying back starts 4 years out

From every aspect in Town, it is the right time to do this

Long Range Financial Committee Chair - Doug Hardesty
is the plan that is before us going to get Franklin into a better place
Monday the committee voted unanimously
a no-brainer with the 60% reimbursement
cost efficient facility with a track record of being successful
explored the MSBA reimbursement process, credit analysts report from Moody's - got  AA1 rating

Craig Haba
excited to be here, representing Citizens for a New Franklin High School
about 700 registered supporter and 100 volunteers currently

Powderly - this opportunity is nothing less than historic, there are many positives - record low costs, record high reimbursement, improves educational opportunities, a media center, supports integrated learning, easy first floor access to public spaces, directly improves property values

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