Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"it’s worth it, given the reimbursement rate"

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have Rep. Vallee’s support on this issue,” said Michael Doherty, chairman of Citizens for New Franklin High School, to which Vallee donated $1,000 yesterday. “He lent us his good name in support.” 
This is the first time Vallee, D-Franklin, has become directly and publicly involved in supporting a Franklin project that would require an override or debt exclusion. 
Of the roughly 90 families who have given to the campaign, Dougherty said, Vallee’s donation was the largest. 
“I just haven’t come out publicly (in the past),” Vallee said. “I just felt like, because this is the high school, and it’s the last school to be rebuilt in the community ... I think it was an important time for me to come out and make a statement about it.”

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