Thursday, March 8, 2012

Live reporting: Public Presentation on new FHS project

Took the tour of some of FHS, K wing, boys locker room, through to the field house and back to the entrance. From there to the lecture hall where we are now for the presentation followed by Q&A.

Tom Mercer, School Building Committee Chair
Peter Light, FHS Principal
Maureen Sabolinski, School Superintendent
Jim Jordan, Ai3 principal and architect
Sean Fennell, Daedelus Owner Project Manager (OPM)

Overview of project starting back in 2005 with probation status from NAESC

Building committee put together three options for presentation to MSBA. The model school or fourth option became available when Franklin was invited into the model school program.

There are many advantages for the model school program including a high state reimbursement rate.

Ai3 was chosen as for it's model school used at Whitman Hanson and at least 6 others. Their model is the most flexible to meet Franklin's educational needs.

A comparison of the size for the existing building versus the new building is available

The building is being designed to support 1650 students.

Project contingency and owners contingency amount to a total of $4.5M. This money is already built into the total to cover for unexpected costs and avoid any other cost increases.

What is included in the "non-reimbursable" costs?
There is an allowance for site work and anything above that is non-reimbursable. The State wants to put their money into the building and let the local community choose to do the rest.

The cost to the taxpayer with an average home value of $352,000 can be found in this table

Jim Jordan takes the podium to review the design highlights

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