Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Franklin, MA: Finance Committee - Budget Hearing

Town of Franklin
Finance Committee Agenda
Wednesday April 25, 2012
7:00 PM
Municipal Building Council Chambers
(post agenda to web site) (meetings are recorded)

Balances - 2/29/12
Gen Stab 5,118,572
PW Stab 275,332
Traffic Stab 4,559
OPEB Stab 69,367
Overlay Surplus -0-
Free Cash 1,118,676

Call to Order

Citizens Comments

Approval of Minutes

Budget Hearing
Education – Franklin Public Schools C-1

Action Items:
Appropriations: $151,114 – Wages (Contract Settlement) Source: FY 12 Additional State Aid

Old Business

New Business


Important note:
In the overview provided by Town Administrator Jeff Nutting at the beginning of the budget hearings on Apr 3, he does acknowledge the intent to use $350,000 from free cash to support the School Dept budget for FY 2013. This replaces the $350,000 the Town Council took from the School budget in Oct 2011. The use of such 'one time' funds is against the fiscal policy of both the Finance Committee and Town Council. The discussion on this use is sure to be an interesting one.

You can view the video on demand of the Apr 3 budget hearing here: (Jeff's comment occur during the first 11 minutes)

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