Sunday, May 20, 2012

Library book sale and DPW "Touch a Truck"

There were about 150 people lined up for the opening of the Library book sale organizers. I stopped by about noontime to take some pictures and it was still busy but in the first lull period since the rush of the morning. Lots of books were available. Last year, the spring sale had about 400 boxes of books; this year there were about 500. The fall book sale by comparison is smaller with only about 200 boxes of books available at the Fall 2011 sale.

Families were spread out among the book tables, choosing, talking and making their purchases. Some of them also took advantage of the "Touch a Truck" opportunity as well.

Sightings of Cinderella and Snow White were reported during the day. I did manage to catch and get Batman (Guy Supernor) to pose for a photo.

Thanks to all for helping make this a great family event!

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