Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This Week on the Radio: "Take the Money and Run for Office"

I was behind on my audio listening having changed my routine to finish the Hunger Games trilogy of books on tape and caught up to this one on Monday's drive to work. How timely that it deals with the US Supreme Court decision on Citizens United that lead to the People's Rights Amendment.

Ira Glass and This American Life deal with this topic in their usual fashion including an interview with both Senators McCain and Feingold who were the architects of the campaign law modifications that were overturned by the Supreme Court decision. Interesting listening! And scary to think of the consequences of the last minute SuperPAC attack impacts!

What was the Citizens United decision? You can find the Wikipedia version here

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For anyone who has ever heard the term "Washington insider" and felt outside — we are with you. So this week, we go inside the rooms where the deals get made, to the actual moment that the checks change hands — and we ask the people writing and receiving the checks what, exactly, is the money buying?

Broadcast March 31 to April 2

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