Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why I, C. Stolle Singleton, am running for State Representative in the 10th Norfolk District

This press release from C Stolle Singleton arrived in email Monday night:
I believe that now is the time to usher in a new generation of innovative ideas and fresh, energetic leadership for Franklin, Medway, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This is why I am running for State Representative in the 10th Norfolk District.

A recent CNBC survey of “America’s Top States for Business” revealed that Massachusetts ranks 49th for the “cost of doing business.” In other words, Massachusetts is nearly the most expensive state to run a business in the United States, second only to Hawaii. The Democratic Super Majority on Beacon Hill has done far too little to address high taxes, rising healthcare costs, staggering electricity prices, and excessive government regulation. As a result, this collective burden continues to suppress economic growth, discourage job creation, and drive countless Massachusetts businesses and families to relocate to other states. 
I am running for State Representative because I hope to buy a home and to start a family in Massachusetts and I want the best possible opportunities for my family and yours. My younger sister and I cherished growing up in Franklin and I want my grandchildren and yours to choose to raise their families in our community. I believe that Massachusetts can and should be a place where businesses and families decide to – and can afford to – put down roots, grow, and prosper. 
While I anticipate that some may make my age an issue during this race, I am more concerned about the age of the old ideas that led us to struggle every year to sustain our local aid for essential services, led us to implement a regressive sales tax increase in the height of the Great Recession, and left us with a lack of oversight over government benefits, such as the cash assistance given out on EBT cards. My generation is inheriting a mess associated with poor decisions and a lack of balance on Beacon Hill, so it is unequivocally the time for a woman my age to take a stand. 
Furthermore, I am running for State Representative because I want to ensure that Franklin and Medway continue to have a strong advocate for our community’s interests on Beacon Hill. With the unique perspective and invaluable experience of having already worked for the House of Representatives, I know how to get things done. This legislative session I drafted over 17 pieces of legislation, several of which were passed into law. My legislative experience means that I understand how to reach across party lines to preserve our local aid and the Chapter 70 funding for our community’s exceptional public schools. In short, from day one I will be an effective leader in crafting meaningful reforms and guiding them through the legislative logjam.
Public service is a privilege and if I am afforded the privilege of representing the residents of Franklin and Medway, I will work full-time to give back to the district where I learned that hard work, compassion, and perseverance will be met with success. 
If you believe in a Massachusetts that can do better, please vote C. Stolle Singleton in the Republican Primary on Thursday, September 6th.
For additional information on her campaign, you can visit her website

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