Monday, July 30, 2012

More questions for Democratic Debate

The debate this evening will NOT be available live via cable. It will be recorded and available for replay. So you'll have a choice of watching the Olympics, the Red Sox or coming out to the debate in person!

In addition to the questions posted yesterday, I have come up with some more.

Why am I posting the questions in advance?
One, the issues we face shouldn't be a secret.
Two, it is more important to find out what the answers to these questions are.

Franklin and most MA communities are faced with Other Pension and Employee Benefits (OPEB) requirements that are underfunded. What is your position on what the Legislature can do to help?

Gov Patrick is reported to be signing the Casino proposal for Taunton today. At least one news article says it will be challenged because the return to the state is “excessive”. Whether you’ll get a chance as a legislator to have a vote in that matter is open right now. What do you think about casinos as a source of state revenue?

There has been talk of the Legislature revising the Chap 70 funding formula. Franklin is a significant beneficiary of these funds. What would be your position on a revision of the formula?

What is your position on the State budget priorities? Should MA government focus on infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) or education, or??

What is your position on taxes overall? How should the business of providing government services be funded?

What is your position on usage fees? Are there cases where it makes sense to use them in lieu of a more broadly based tax?

What is your position on the governance of utilities, their service rates and performance?

The Franklin library, along with other departments in Franklin, faces an annual budget issue. The MA Library Board of Governors is the body that provides oversight to the library systems. What is your position on what the Legislature should or should not do to help?

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