Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Business Tax Breaks in Massachusetts

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Business Tax Breaks in Massachusetts
Tax breaks are a form of spending. Money that the state spends on tax breaks is money that it can't spend on education, infrastructure, or other forms of economic development.

Our new report, Business Tax Breaks in Massachusetts, describes the various types of business tax breaks in Massachusetts and shows how much the state spends on each. It focuses most directly on what we call special business tax breaks, meaning those tax breaks which: 1) apply to businesses, and 2) have as their most basic rationale the effort to bolster economic development.*

We find that:
  • In FY 2012, the state spent $770 million on special business tax breaks.
  • Since FY 1996, spending on special business tax breaks has increased 60%, adjusted for economic growth.

To accompany this report, we are also releasing a two-page Factsheet which describes the major findings.

* Other kinds of business tax breaks include those designed to minimize double-taxation and those which mirror the federal tax code.

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