Thursday, August 9, 2012

"$100 fine for first offenders, up from $25"

If there is trouble with enforcement of the existing dog feces law, how will increasing the fine help? I missed the Town Council meeting last night but wish I had been able to ask that question (if no one else did).

And for all the items that were on the agenda, the dog bylaw is what gets into the paper first? Not the new contract for Town Administrator? Or the report from the Citizens Committee?
The town intends to strike the previous leashing bylaw and replace it with a longer one titled, "Regulation of Conduct." The section on leashing was largely unchanged. 
The bylaw proposal, presented to Town Council for the first time on Wednesday night, states that the chief of police will have the authority to order a dog muzzled or confined for a period of time if it bites a person or another pet or chases a vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian in a public setting. Council was expected to vote on the measure Wednesday night after discussion. 
"We are trying to be proactive," said Town Attorney Mark Cerel, who rewrote the bylaw proposal with help from former Police Chief Steve Williams and Cindy Souza, the animal control officer for Franklin and Bellingham. "We don’t want to have any issues in the future with vicious dogs."

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The full agenda for Wednesday's Town Council meeting and accompanying document can be found here

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