Tuesday, August 7, 2012

If you are not registered for the bus, it is too late!

Real-time reporting: School Committee (via cable broadcast)

Per the transportation update at Tuesday's School Committee meeting, the school transportation process started in April with a registration deadline of June 30. The second payment was due July 9th. Reminders went out to the parents/families who needed to complete their payments. There are still about 50 accounts that need to get completed. High school and middle school buses are currently full. No additional registrations are being accepted.

Once school begins in Sep, ridership on the routes will be measured and if additional capacity is available, there may be adjustments by the end of Sep.

The bus routes are scheduled to be posted to the School's website by the end of next week.
Bus passes for the Charter School will be available Aug 21 and for the other Franklin students Aug 27th.

Bus fees are $325 per student with a cap at three students paying within one family ($975).

Students K-6 who live outside of 2 miles from school are eligable for a 'free' ride. Students at middle school and high school and all other K-6 less than 2 miles can register for 'pay to ride'.

There are approx 1500 in the 'pay to ride' program currently with another 500+ in the 'free ride' program.

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