Saturday, August 25, 2012

"improve mobility options in our suburban communities"

The Milford Daily News informs us of a new study to look at regional transportation.
The study, paid for with a $40,000 grant from the Metropolitan Planning Organization, involves taking stock of the various public transportation options in Bellingham, Franklin, Milford, Medway, Millis, Hopkinton, Sherborn, Dover, Norfolk and Wrentham. 
The SouthWest Advisory Planning Committee represents those towns and will work with the MAPC to finalize the scope of the study. The committee met on Wednesday. 
"These types of studies are important," said Eric Halvorsen, a transportation planner, "because we are trying to identify how towns can work … to connect people to the larger transportation networks and create more mobility."

We are fortunate to have access to the two train stations to take the commuter rail into Boston. The GATRA bus gets around Franklin and to Patriot Place. In the times I have seen the bus go by or taken it myself, it is underutilized.

What kind of regularly schedule transportation would you utilize if it was available and reasonably priced? Where would it go? What times would you want it to run?

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The GATRA bus schedule can be found here

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