Tuesday, September 11, 2012

live reporting - closing

5.Information Matters
Superintendent’s Report
quiet opening all things considering, some minor transportation issues were resolved

there are modular units still at Parmenter
there was work being done on them today
they are supposed to out by this Friday!

The other modulars will be easier. These are the last of the leased units. We needed to rely on the company to remove them

transportation update - 
2810 riding, 1797 pay to ride
bus passes should be out, they need to be shown, replacements are $5
some requests in for stop changes in process, the Franklin Police have been involved to evaluate the safety of the proposed stops
there are a number of calls coming in, they are being answered in the order received so if not yet answered, they are getting to it

some requests for the waiting list, 34 on list, 
principals will be taking bus ridership counts next week so we will see what if anything can be done
the transportation office is closed on Friday

Primary reasons for changes in bus stops, attempts to reduce the walking from the students home to the stop

We are out checking out the bus stops, check the stops at different times during the day
will be working on a form for future bus stop change requests

Capital planning process started
come in late fall to formulate our request
getting some computers from Harvard, the quality is significant

FHS Project
official notification that the project scope and program plan as been accepted
not just a validation of the project but of the program overall

set up public tours, opening the buildings one night a year
the schools have signed up for a calendar
looking for school committee members to participate

Harvest Festival, Sep 30th
Sally Winslow will be covering the School Dept table
would School Committee members like to take turns?

Parent training
consistent with bullying program
Sep 19th 6:30 - Dr Englander
geared for parents, nationally recognized expert on cyberbullying
connect Ed message coming
at Horace Mann Auditorium

School Committee Sub-Committee Reports

School Committee Liaison Reports

New business
Trahan - 
Nov 3rd Casino night for FEF

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