Tuesday, September 11, 2012

live reporting - policy review

3. Discussion Only Items

Policy – First Readings:
1. BL – Remote Participation Policy
clarification on what to do when one who is remote has some technical difficulty
continue the meeting and acknowledge the attempt at participation

motion to move to second reading, passed 7-0

Policy – Second Readings: Elimination of Policies:
1. JICA – Student Dress Code
2. JICDA – Academic Honesty Policy
3. JICF – Gang Activity/Secret Societies
4. JIH – Interrogations and Searches
5. JKAA – Non-Violent Physical Crisis Intervention
6. JKAA-R – Non-Violent Physical Crisis Intervention Administration Procedures/Crisis Team Procedures
7. JKF-E – Memorandum of Understanding
8. JKF-R – Matters Involving Violence, Weapons, Hate Crimes and Drug Distribution
9. JLF-E – Child Abuse/Neglect
10. JLF-R – Statement of Child Abuse and Neglect

no additional comments on the removal, these policies come up in action items

New/Revised Policies (Second Read)
1. JLF – Child Abuse/Neglect
2. JKAA – Non-Violent Physical Crisis Intervention

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