Saturday, September 22, 2012

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Franklin uses its webpage to post important news from each of its departments. There are two good examples of this type of announcement to share today:

  • The Dept of Health has learned that the number of cases of West Nile and EEE viruses has increased and re-issues their caution about contact with mosquitoes.

  • The Cultural Council awards grants to deserving organizations and programs each year. This years application deadline is approaching October 15th.

For information on how to make an application visit

Note: Franklin could elect to turn on or enable an RSS service so that finding out about these announcements would be easier. Franklin could also use these kinds of announcements in their own email notifications. They have explored email notifications and seem to have stopped. As noted elsewhere on this page today, to be successful requires persistence.

In the meantime, you need to visit the Franklin page regularly to find new items on the front page. Trying to find new items buried within each department or committee page takes far too much time.

Of course, regular readers of Franklin Matters have multiple options to find out what is happening. You can

  • subscribe to the daily newsletter
  • subscribe to the RSS feed
  • our get a selection each day on Facebook

You can subscribe to your choice of notification here

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