Monday, September 17, 2012

Life changing on Washington St

A pleasant scene. Could almost be anywhere.

Yet, it is here in Franklin along Washington St.

Running by this area on Sunday morning I was concerned to see a road side shrine and the familiar markings of an accident investigation. The flowers were fresh so it had to be recent. So recent that it hadn't made the newspapers yet. (Milford Daily News put a story online at 11:30 AM, and updated the details around 7:30 PM Sunday)

The Franklin Police logs did record the accident as multiple vehicles (2 were towed away) with a fatality involved. Saturday morning at 11:17 AM there were multiple 911 calls to report the accident.

There is a story or two inside the police report yet to be known. One or more families lives were changed suddenly on Saturday morning with the death and the aftermath....

The Milford Daily News article can be found here

A form of this was originally published on Steve's 2 Cents

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