Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Live reporting - Town Common update

DPW Director – Town Common
Robert (Brutus) Cantoreggi

Jeff NUtting provided an intro on the walk through held last week to look at the trees, the power and the common overall. Looking to move the power from under the gazebo.

108 trees currently on the Town Common. Good representation of some species
Did take down the 12 trees recommended by the prior consultant
11 tree proposed to be removed this time to provide better growth opportunity for the other trees.

tree 91 - large spruce surrounded by sugar and norway maples
5 conifers around the Civil War monument, proposed to take down the two in the middle to allow the others to maintain their conifer growth

Tree 103, wind storm, broke this tree and it should be removed.

would leave 97 tree on the common

a lot of the trees that would be removed are being blocked from the sun by other trees
do more pruning as time allows

As public warden did hold a hearing for the prior cutting

nothing really to say or do, just trying to make folks aware of this

the electricity would be moved from under the gazebo to a box on the Union St side 

A couple of these are fairly large, 21" diameter for some

Benches are about $2000 per, would be expensive to replace
don't have much of a budget for this, can't do it all in one year
many of the benches and lights were donated by Rotary for citizen of the year, these plaques would be moved if either the benches or lights are replaced

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