Thursday, October 4, 2012

"we can offer options for our citizens"

The Milford Daily News reported on the Town Council meeting in part with the following:
Councilors accepted incorporating a real estate tax deferral and two laws which let seniors defer water and sewer charges. 
In place already for seniors is a property tax deferral program. 
Town Treasurer/Collector James Dacey Jr. said currently one family is participating in that program. 
“I know they are having a very difficult time,” Dacey said. “I looked into how we could help out in other ways.” 
In 2010, 9.4 percent of Franklin’s 31,635 residents were age 65 and older, according to census data.

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Deferral of taxes simply postpones the date for payment, they still must be paid. What was also approved is a program for veterans under 65 to work off a portion of their taxes. This program is similar to that already offered to the seniors 65 and over. The program will be limited to the first ten people now but can be expanded by the Council as demand for the program grows.

The Town Council especially Tina Powderly has been instrumental in expanding the senior outreach program the past couple of years.This is not to negate any of the good work done prior, just recognize that the opportunity for seniors via deferment and reductions has increased.

In other matters before the Council not referenced in this article, they did approve the rezoning of the parcels along King St and i495 from residential to business. Any project would still be required to go through the full Planning Board and associated permitting process. That process provides considerable input from the residents abutting the property.

DPW Director Brutus Cantoreggi disclosed plans to remove another 11 trees from the Town Common. This action will improve the growth options for the remaining 97 trees.

The DPW will also do some work to remove the electrical box currently under the gazebo to a normal upright electric box along the Union St side of the common. Some concrete around the gazebo will be disturbed during this process and then returned to normal.

For the complete set of posts reported live during the meeting, visit this link

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