Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Live reporting - Action items


1. Resolution 12-65:Acceptance of G.L. Chapter 40, Section 42J: Deferral of Water Charges 
motion to approve, passed 8-0

recommendation to approve deferral of water charges, only have one deferral, may be another way to help folks who are struggling

2. Resolution 12-66:Acceptance of G.L. Chapter 80, Section 13B: Deferral and Recovery 
motion to approve, passed 8-0

this is a formality to require folks to actually pay back on deferrals

3. Resolution 12-67:Acceptance of G.L. Chapter 83, Section 16G: Deferral of Sewer Charges 
motion to approve, passed 8-0

same as the water above, this covers the sewer bill

4. Resolution 12-68:Acceptance of G.L. Chapter 59, Section 5N: Reduction of Property Tax 
Obligation of Veteran in Exchange for Volunteer Services 
motion to approve, passed 8-0

this is a new law that just came into effect, seniors can work to defer taxes for volunteer work. This allows veterans to do this, can't do both veterans and seniors, can only do one or the other. Currently limited to 10, can be increased as demand allows. The senior program started with 30 or so and has been increased over the years as demand required.

This is open to veterans under 65. The senior program is limited to those 65 or over

No income criteria for either program, some communities do but Franklin does not.

5. Resolution 12-69:Senior Tax Deferrals 
motion to approve, passed 8-0

Did initially charge 8% and as the rates dropped realized it wasn't fair. Could charge the MMDT rate but that is too low, so it will be the rate plus 2% to allow for coverage of the expense for managing the program

6. Bylaw Amendment 12-694:Amendment to Chapter 82, Appendix A, List of Service Fee Rates – 1st Reading
motion to move to second reading; passed 8-0

kennel boarding fee raising from 20 to 25 per day, first rate increase in 9 years for this item

see list of other fees in the agenda document

removing "per day" for the second reading

7. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 12-689:Changes to Chapter 185 §5. Zoning Map: Single Family III to Business Zoning District- 2nd Reading 

This is a modified proposal and recognizes the objections of abutters from the original discussion a couple of weeks ago.

Removed one parcel from the proposal and defined a zone within that remaining parcel

National Grid commented on the height of the lines, the proposed development would still need to come through the normal planning process

"spot zoning" a special use of the zoning different from other 

Courts in MA are restrictive in applying 'spot zoning', this would not likely be something to meet the criteria

given the locality along King St and i495, this would not likely meet the case

Are you able to split zone a single parcel? Yes
Suggestion to leave the Washington St parcels as residential due to where the properties along Taft St view
The residents of the Taft St purchased knowing that their neighbors would be residential.

Planning Board is in charge of the permitting within the zone
the Town Council would not have a say any further

Thanks for the adjustment, this is a huge win
As the trees thin the noise increases. If you can increase the buffer for eyesight and noise reduction

Bissanti - you have a lot of control and say at the Planning Board process, if an when a develop ever does step forward and purchase to proceed with development

Jones - thought process on economic development behind this proposal, this is a place where could further develop the Town and offset the residential property tax base. This area has always been a potential site for this kind of use. We did put a lot of thought into how this would be place and set off from other areas. Business zone has different requirements from other zoning options. If this gets zoned for business, the Council will be watching carefully

voted to amend the proposal, 8-0
then voted to accept the amended bylaw creating the change

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