Monday, January 14, 2013

Talking about the 'edge city'

A standing room only audience showed up to the Franklin Historical Museum on Sunday.

presentation title slide

Town Clerk and Historical Commission Chair, Debbie Pellegri introduced Eamon Earls.

Debbie Pellegri introduces Eamon Earls

Eamon referenced key points on an early map of Franklin including the fact that at one time, Dorchester was a neighboring community. Yes, the same Dorchester. It used to extend from the coast far inland and then communities split off from it and it shrunk to its current size.

Eamon Earls points to one of the maps

Eamon spent a couple of years researching and writing the book. He has many stories to tell and if you have good history to share, he would like to hear that too!

Eamon talking about Franklin as an 'edge city'

The book can be purchased online or at various locations around Franklin

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