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Annual Report 2012: Franklin Library

FY2012 was a transformative and productive year for the Franklin Public Library.

The Franklin Library Board of Directors combined the two circulation desks in order to address persistent budgetary constraints, functional space issues, and the efficient delivery of services. We deeply regret the loss of our hardworking staff; the loss of certification for two months and the inconvenience it caused.

Funding level reductions have not impacted services: Service levels, library hours, library visits, special programs have increased through the effective utilization of resources

Important Notes:

  • Annual book budget increased by 53% from 2011, providing more new materials for patrons than  previous year.
  • Checkouts for downloadable ebooks increased by 52%. ($5,000 funding provided by the Friends of the Library) 
  • Investment in and the use of automated services has enabled the library to provide higher level of services with less staff. Use of automated self-check-out has increased by 35% from last year; and now accounts for 43% of our total circulation.
  • Total circulation in FY2012 was 309,807, down 9% from FY2011. (Large sections of the collection were unavailable during renovation).
  • Total attendance at children’s programs increased by 28% from 4,134 in FY2011 to 5,328 in FY2012.
  • Library visits increased by 7%, from 165,403 in FY2011 to 177,324 in FY2012. 

New Initiatives in FY2012

  • Opened Fridays for the first time in 3 years. The Library is now open 60 hrs a week, 6 days a week – a 15% increase from FY2011. 
  • Opened a Student’s Assistance Center in October 2011 to provide free homework assistance to students in grades 2-8. 
  • Incorporated Kindles and Nooks in the circulating collection 
  • Added a Blu-ray collection
  • Added a Speed view Collection (3day loan of DVDs & Blu-rays)
  • Initiated a local author’s shelf

Expanded Services in FY2012

  • Home delivery for patrons with disabling conditions
  • Speed view collection (7 day new popular fiction and non fiction)
  • Downloadable e-books
  • Downloadable audio-books
  • Family and special programming

How Are We Doing?
We asked you to rate the changes and new services on a scale of 1 to 10. You responded with very high marks. (9s and 10s) Thank you!! Here are samplings of your impressions of the Library

  • “I like the openness of the Main Circulation Desk” 
  • “Nice people, very helpful”
  • “The library is wonderful and well organized. Keep the good work”
  • “Impressed – everything is so easy and staff very nice and helpful”
  • “Super happy you made computers instantly accessible without having to stop at the desk and get ID code…!! That’s the way it should be. Thanks”
  • “Great services”
  • “Love the environment”
  • “Pretty clean”
  • “Excellent – so happy Library is open on Fridays and certification is back”
  • “Shelf check is so convenient”

Your suggestions for improvement
“More programs for older children (8-12)
“The children’s room could use more child friendly d├ęcor & demarcation”
“Better Lighting on the fourth floor; better air-conditioning”
“More confined space for toddler story time ….for tighter community feel”
“Having staff available on the second floor”

A million thanks!
The above accomplishments are a result of a group effort. Library staff admirably performed their new roles
during a period of anxiety and disruption. The community’s support and encouragement during the  decertification crisis kept us strong and focused. We thank the Massachusetts Board of Library  Commissioners for granting the Library’s appeal for a waiver of the FY 2012 Municipal Appropriation Requirement. We are especially grateful to the Franklin Town Council for providing additional funding critical in securing recertification.

The Library continually relies on the generosity of the Friends of the Library. Their support and monetary gifts have allowed the Library to fund museum passes, programs and collections. We appreciate their time and financial assistance.

The Student’s Assistance Center was a tremendous success in its first year. Twenty-five students in grades 2-8 received free homework assistance every week. The success of this program is due to dedicated, dependable and caring volunteers. Both the students and their parents were very grateful for this service.
Sincerest thanks to Nancy Rappa, Suzanne Stilgoe, and Monique Doyle for co-coordinating this effort.

The Beautification Committee, chaired by Susan Rittenhouse, has been working all summer to make the Library more welcoming and inviting.  Some of the improvements are evident on the first floor. We commend their efforts.

Andrea Burke and her committee worked hard over the summer to create an exciting array of adult programs and new outreach initiatives for the coming year. Check the library web site and
blog for more information. We thank them.

Moving Forward: Assessing the Future

A New Vision
The Library Board is undertaking a new vision to ensure sustainability, fiscal responsibility and community responsiveness. Your participation is critical as the process moves forward. We invite you to stay involved and welcome your suggestions.

Respectfully submitted,

Felicia Oti, Library Director


You can participate in their Strategic Direction Survey here

Visit the Library webpage for updates throughout the year

Published by the Town Clerk, this comes from the 2012 Annual Report

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