Sunday, February 3, 2013

Franklin, MA: Finance Committee - Agenda - Feb 5, 2013

The Finance Committee (FinCom) is scheduled to meet on Tuesday. The meeting provides good insight into the budget and any expenditures that will come before the Town Council. With some exceptions for timing, any monetary expenses usually appear before this group for their approval  before going to the Town Council.

For Tuesday, the transfer of funds to the Town Clerk's advertising budget ($1,000) is up for discussion and approval. Due to the public hearings on the proposed bylaw changes (which require published notifications in the Milford Daily News), what had been forecasted for the Clerk's budget has already been drawn down. With only $1,000 being asked for, this is not a great deal but indicates the level of attention and awareness to the budget and expenses that can be found in this meeting.

The road repair budget is also up for discussion. Road repair has been a topic of conversation for several years as Franklin does recognize that it is behind on repairing roads. What dollars are available have been used effectively to rebuild the road infrastructure (water and sewer lines) and then do the repaving at the same time. This places a great deal of prioritization on what gets done when. If the water and sewer lines are in deed of repair, then it is easier to schedule to do both at the same time. If a road is in poor condition but the water and sewer lines are good, when does the road surface get done?

The published agenda for the FinCom meeting can be seen here

The FinCom agenda is also posted to the Franklin Finance Committee webpage here

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