Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The science of NFL Football

The Library at Dean College has started publishing a blog. Their most recent post shares a series of videos produced by NBC on the "Science of NFL Football". Just because the Super Bowl has officially ended the season doesn't mean there is no more football!

Queue the videos!

You can find the series of 10 short (about 3-4 minute) videos here:

They don't provide a way to embed the video so you will need to follow the link. For school teachers to leverage this for their classes, there is a way to login via Blackboard and download the videos for free.


The Dean College Library blog:  http://deancultureconnect.wordpress.com/

The Dean College Library post on the football videos

The Science of NFL Football series

These videos and more are also available at http://science360.gov/files/ (search for "football"). Note I did not have success in actually viewing the videos on this site. They seemed to take forever 'loading'.

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