Thursday, March 28, 2013

"I do support the notion of having the job appointed"

The quote is from Jeff Roy in the Milford Daily News recap of the Town Council meeting. The article is short on detail and one of the reasons why I attend as many meetings as I can. I did miss last night and will catch the video replay to find out the full story around this and what else happened during the meeting. The agenda was full but this is the only item in the new today.
As the amendment reads now, the treasurer/collector would shift under the section of the charter that governs the town administrator’s power of appointment, joining such positions as fire chief, police chief and comptroller. 
However, the Town Council would have to ratify any candidate the town administrator brings before it. 
While Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting said he would request guidance from councilors during the search process — given the importance of the job — the language in the amendment does not stipulate that future town administrator’s make the same gesture. 
By voting against the amendment rather than tabling it, the council sent a clear message that the appointment process needs to be reviewed. Councilors agreed to spend time doing so with Nutting before voting on the matter again next month.

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Reading between the lines, the Council will vote for an amendment to be put before the voters if the right process and language can be agreed to. While this had been discussed, the language brought before the Council last night was language some of them did not like. The article does mention that some of them will work with Jeff Nutting to draft better language to bring back to the Council.

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